The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort
Saturday, June 27, 2015 (rain or shine)

Registration Time: 8:00-9:00am
Start Time: 9:30am

C4 “Equalizer" Pro Canoe Race

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C4 Race 


Event Description.  A 12 mile loop C4 Pro race on the beautiful Delaware River on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey near Stroudsburg, Pa.   Boats must meet NYMCRA specs for a C4 Stock boat-no unlimited.  There will be only one start and no separate classes, but each team will have a “multiplier factor” based on how many women, juniors, and/or veterans are on the team.  See the example under the "Race Format” below.  Pro money will be given to at least the top 10 finishers.  For teams that don’t “make the $ cut”, there will be one cash raffle of approximately $100.  For other extras, refer to the “Purse & Other Awards:" tab.

Before June 8th: $160
After June 8th: $180


The race will be a C-4 stock class.  Everyone races at once, with the winners earning  100 points; 2nd gets 90; 3rd gets 80 and so on.  But here is where it gets interesting: There will be a factor that each team will have to multiply their placing points by. 

Click on Canoe Race Format to print.

For example;

For every 60+ paddler, the team gets a 10% bonus.

For every woman paddler, the team gets a 20% bonus.

For every junior (ie. 7-17) paddler, the team gets a 25% bonus.


So, let's say a team is made up of a veteran man, a 40 yr old man, a 40 year old woman, and a 17 yr old girl.

The vet would add 10% to the team.

The woman would add 20%.

The junior girl would add 20% for being a woman + 25% for being a junior.

That would give this team a multiplier factor of 1+ .75 (0.1 for the vet; 0.2 for the woman; 0.2 for the girl & 0.25 for being a junior) = 1.75.  If they came in 7th and got 40 points, it would turn into 70 points (40 X 1.75).  That is equal to what a 4th place team of middle aged men would make!  The entry form will gather all the info on the team.

Please print then complete Entry Form and Waiver .